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Wedding Family Photo Tips!

Updated: Feb 10, 2023

We do family photos a little different!

A Bride And Groom pose for a wedding photographer at Forbes of Kingennie

Tip 1 - HAVE FUN - We try to make yor photos as fun as possible by having a laugh, playing some games and just joking about really! But don't worry we get those lovely posed ones of you looking braw as well!

Glasgow Wedding photography Photo tips

Tip 2 - KEEP IT SMALL - We start with a small list of standard photos that you can then add to but remember, don't add too many because it'll end up like a boring meet and greet for you haha!

Glasgow wedding photography photo tips

Tip 3 - HELPERS - It's always good to have someone that can help us herd all those little party loving, wedding drinking wedding guest sheepies! We tend to get the help of a bestman or an usher who knows everyone and if they're any kids at your wedding, we always have an extra list printed out so they can help too!

Glasgow wedding photography Photo tips

Tip 3 - LOCATION - This might sound a bit daft but where the group photos are taken can be super important. A biggish space, a little out of the way of all of the guest but not too far for people to walk! And don't forget good lighting - but that's for us as the photographers to look out for.

<< Because this was a more intimate wedding at The Bothy in Glasgow, we managed to fit everyone in right in front of the venue! Photography - Studio Snap

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