Studio Snap is a local studio based in Glasgow city centre that has a friendly atmosphere and is a safe space for models starting out.

All the tips, tricks and classes will be there to give you a boost and a feel for what it's like in front of the camera. 

The Model Network will also give you the opportunity to chat with other models who are at the same stage as you.

There are a lot of websites, studios and “agencies” out there that aren't as they seem and we understand that it can be very daunting to gauge what companies are legitimate and that's where Studio Snap Modelling Network comes in, as we will guide you along the way with advice and tips on starting out as a model.


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Once you have completed your initial photoshoot, you will be offered continuous support along your career path.

Your photoshoots at 

Studio Snap will help you build your confidence and body awareness.  These are vital skills for being a professional model.

You will receive an extensive amount of advice on posing.   You can then take these tips and tricks and mould them into your own style over time to create poses that you re comfortable with.

You will receive one digital image after your photoshoot to add to or start your portfolio.  We will also build a personal strategy for your future going forward as a model.

Your initial photoshoot will take place in the studio in Merchant City in Glasgow however once you have taken that first step and you feel that you are ready, you can think about location photoshoots to strengthen your portfolio even further.

With social media today, professional images aren't always necessary to pick up work however when starting out, your images have to be of a certain quality for brands to want to work with you but we will work with you to get your everyday photos to the standard needed.


Every model needs a portfolio to pick up professional work and it needs to be filled with a variety of shots that make you stand out from the crowd because first impressions are everything.  Don't worry though because Studio Snap won't charge you thousands of ££££ for this because we know how hard it is.


Modelling is a lot tougher than most people think and that's why we're here to help you get a feel for the industry without spending lot's of your hard earned money travelling to auditions and portfolio shoots.  Modelling is about having confidence in yourself and being self aware of your body and not everyone can do that. 

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