These days almost everyone has a camera to hand on a daily basis, so you're probably always snapping photos of the kids running round the park or causing havoc in the house!  Well why don't you get yourself in front of the camera instead of behind it!  The kids may be the heart of the family but you, the mums and dads are the reason!  Whether you're looking for a fun day out for the family, or you're in need of a reunion photo, Studio Snap is perfect for every occasion and don't worry if you're not a fan of the stereotypical family portrait, we'll speak with you and get to know what you and your family love, so we can bring out those big smiles naturally.  During your 40 minute photoshoot, we will capture 25-30 images ranging from the natural posed portraits to the big laughs with all the family together having fun!  Our large stylish studio is perfect for accommodating the whole family, big or small, so don't worry, you won't feel crammed in!

After your photoshoot, we will take a 40 minute break for us to edit your images.  During this time you can visit one of the local cafes for a snack or have a coffee in the studio with some music or a movie.  If you need longer than 40 minutes, we are happy to arrange a better time for you to pop back.  The pricing structure at Studio Snap is perfect for families, as you build your own package from the bottom up!  If you wish to book in, you can contact us over our social medias or by giving the studio a quick phone.