Catching the Sun in Kas

My recent trip to Kas was welllllll over due and I was able to play around with my personal photography, which is just about as over due as a sunny holiday!  I played with my Nikon d3300 which is a nifty wee thing and get's lots of good shots in low lighting but I thought I'd share my favourite images from holiday which is my abstract underwater photos.  Everyone laughed at me when I said this was my favourite moment of the holiday but it was really breathtaking. 

We took our snorkels and jumped in the water in search for a wrecked plane and on route we spotted these air bubbles travelling to the surface.  The bubbles grabbed my attention more than the wreck did!  And it's obvious why!

I love taking photos and skewing the perspective making them look like and mean something totally different.  This photo is of the air bubbles rising to the surface however I flipped the image and it brings a different other worldly feel to it.


This photo is of someone swimming ahead of me.  Again, a simple rotation and it bring the mundane a new lease of life.


Chatterboxes Ep.1 is now on the website!

The Studio Snap Chatterbox Series kicked off just a few months after opening the studio, late last year.  I wanted to do something that no other photography studio had done before and pair together what the studio was all about with a little bit of comedy and "oo's and aww's".

The topic of the first episode was family and why family are important.  You can give the episode a watch over on the VIDEO PAGE

Keep you eyes peeled for more Chatterbox Episodes!

Studio Blogs


To start us off here's one of my favourite photos that I've taken.  It went on to win 3rd place in the Edinburgh Tattoo photography competition. 


I started Studio Snap around 3 months ago now and I'm a little frustrated that I didn't blog right from the start.  It'll be great for me looking back on the progress of the studio and seeing all the things that Studio Snap has achieved. 

If you've stumbled upon this blog, you'll find some personal photography that don't fit the mould for the Studio Snap Facebook and Instagram and a look back at some of the little videos that the studio has posted past and present.